Pet Portrait Commissions

PRICE: 220 EUR (~240 USD)

  • Bust/half-body
  • One pet per portrait
  • Plain coloured background
  • +50 EUR (~54 USD) for a painted background, which can include foliage, flowers, butterflies, etc.


Commissioning Process

Reference Photos

I need at least five good photos for reference, but larger albums are preferable. Photos taken in natural light and from your pet’s eye level are best. Reference photos should have high resolution (original file, not a screenshot of a photo), your pet should be large in the frame and in focus. If you are unsure which photos would work best, you are more than welcome to send over a large album for me to look at.

Your Ideas

Share your ideas for the piece or give me full artistic freedom! You can describe the feeling or “setting” you have in mind (eg. warm sunlight, misty forest, sunset lighting) or specify which colour should be prominent in the piece (eg. green background). I can also include foliage, flowers and other natural elements in the portrait, you can either give me a general idea (eg. blue flowers, yellow butterfly), or be more specific (eg. forget me not flowers).

Make sure to describe any details that are important for you to be visible in the portrait, such as collars and accessories or identifying markings. If you have included photos of your pet from throughout their life, please specify if they should be depicted in their old age or younger. You can also share your pet’s personality traits or habits.


Once I have received your reference photos and ideas, I will send over two rough drafts for you to choose from. These are meant to give you a rough idea of the composition, colors and pose, details will be added and refined later. Once we’ve settled on a draft and made any necessary changes to colours and posing, I will start the rendering process.

My turnaround time for commissions is about 3-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the piece.

Digital Files

Upon completion, you will receive full sized digital files of the artwork (jpeg and psd). I do not provide physical prints.

My default file specifications are 4800x6000px (16×20 inches), 300dpi, sRBG. Please check with your print shop beforehand and let me know if you need a different size, aspect ratio or color profile for printing.

Terms of Service

1. Payment
• All payments are made through Paypal invoices.
• All invoices are sent in EUR. Please see the current exchange rate to your local currency here.
• All payments are due full upfront.
• No refunds are possible after the payment is processed. If for any reason the artist is unable to complete the commission, the client will be refunded in full.

2. Rights and Usage
• The artwork can be used by the client for any non-commercial purpose, including printing for personal use or gifts, wallpapers, posting online, etc.
• The client may not redistribute or use the artwork for any commercial purpose, including selling prints or NFTs, or use it for any external projects.
• All rights and ownership of the artwork remains with the artist unless agreed otherwise.

Commission Order Form

Email me at or use the form below to get started. Please read my terms of service above before getting in touch!